Not a breath of wind and not a drop of seawater, but still have the feeling that you are floating on the turbulent sea. It has recently become possible from your lazy seat thanks to fisherman Pedro Rappé.

Pedro Rappé is the fifth generation of a Knokke-Heist fishing family and has been sailing the sea for more than 35 years.
Pedro Rappé has evolved from fisherman to photographer in recent years with exceptional images that illustrate the real life of the fisherman from the sea. Pedro Rappé documents life at sea using unique photos taken with Go-Pro cameras. People often have no idea what it takes to conjure up that tasty fish on their plate. The fishermen brave storms for that, fishing life is hard. The sea no longer holds any secrets for Pedro Rappé, but it does for many others. That is precisely why Pedro Rappé wanted to show with these photos how hard the craft is so that we can have a better view of fishermen's life. You can almost smell the fish when you look at these photos.
The photos are therefore pure and unadulterated reality. These photos therefore deviate completely from classic photography. The photographer thinks 'out of the box' and that is reflected in all his photos from the sea.